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Life Pics - A wacky little photo based community

Life Through Pictures
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When searching through communities for a photography based community that featured simply photos taken by users of those interesting things in everyday life that they think others will dig.

All I have come across is either communities based on artist photopraphy (which I really like and has its place) and other just featuring peoples shots of themselves posing.

I am hoping this is a community that other users have been wanting to find aswell. As a further guide to what sort of community this is have a read of the following examples or have a look at the pictures Ive put up.

The sort of photos that this community ISNT about are: Posing or modeling shots, pets, your new car, computer, bike, guitar, house, kids etc... unless they have some sort of context that will them entertaining or of interest to someone who is viewing the community for the very first time.

(50meg size limit per pic + 2 picks per entry unless: using LJ link. Be kind to those with a slower dialup connection.)